Holistic Orthodontic Care

Dr Elaine Lim is a Specialist Orthodontist, practising "holistic orthodontic care" – utilising progressive modern techniques to promote positive natural dental development.

Our goal is the "creation of beautiful smiles and harmonious bites". We believe orthodontics is not only about an attractive smile but also balanced jaw function, contributing to long-term dental health.

Our Philosophies:

Non-extraction and Non-surgical priority approach to treatment.
Early intervention avoiding future complications.
• Treatment respecting facial form, lip position and jaw harmony.
• Techniques promoting patient comfort. We exclusively offer Acudontics®*.
Friendly and caring environment

*Acudontics® Non-medication analgesia. Technique developed by Professor Yoland Lim and Dr Elaine Lim (refer to www.yolandlim.com.au for further information).

Summary of Services

Adult Cosmetic Smile and Jaw Assessment
Child Dental Development Assessment
Cleft lip/Facial Congenital Disorders
Interdisciplinary Management
Sleep Apnoea
Treatment of Children Early Intervention
Treatment of Teenagers
Treatment of Adults
Transfer Patients
Orthodontist Specialist advice and opinion

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About the Orthodontist

Dr Elaine Lim is a Registered Specialist Orthodontist. Awarded for clinical excellence and internationally recognised research.

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  • Australian Orthodontic Board Clinical Award 2008

  • Elsdon Storey Award of Merit 2008

  • Australian Dental Association Award 2007

  • Rocky Mountain Orthodontics Fellowship University of Southern California USA 2007.

  • University Medal

  • The University of Sydney Graduate Bursary 2007

  • Australian Society of Orthodontists NSW Clinical Branch Research Award 2007

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    Frequently asked questions:

    What is an Orthodontist?
    Is there a difference between Orthodontists?
    What is the ideal time to begin treatment?

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    Patient Information Pamphlets:

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