Elaine Lim Orthodontics Clinic Services: Interdisciplinary Management and Complex Care

Dr Elaine Lim treats adults who have experienced deteriorated tooth and bite problems and are looking for definitive improvement to consolidate their dental health.

If you have extremely broken down teeth or long-standing bite problems, a 'team-approach' to ensure you have the best result possible is often required. Dr Elaine will combine expertise to achieve a healthy and aesthetic result to meet your needs and address your dental concerns.

Adults have various treatment needs. This ranges from tooth only issues, jaw disturbances or may be combined with other dentistry requirements, such as crowns or dental implants, to replace missing or damaged teeth.

Dr Elaine Lim is an experienced clinician in the use of Mini-implant Anchorage Devices. These are the latest technology, which has now opened an exciting world of treatment options for more complex patient cases. Examples of challenging patient cases include those who wish to avoid 'jaw surgery' and dental patients requiring orthodontic support to allow provision of their 'cosmetic dentistry' crown/bridges and implants.

New technology used by Dr Elaine Lim can assist to achieve excellent results for complex treatment needs in a non-invasive, aesthetically acceptable and gentle manner:

•  Improving bite or individual tooth position to facilitate other dental treatment required e.g. Crowns, implants, dentures.
•  'Partial' orthodontics, especially useful in adults who do not wish to have 'full-fixed orthodontics' or braces on every tooth, yet need localised tooth correction.
•  Minimising need for orthognathic surgical correction.
•  Orthodontics without 'traditional' side-effects including:
º Closure of extraction sites
º Correct protruding front teeth
º Correction of increased overbite
º Skewed and canted tooth arrangement
º Co-ordination of top and bottom teeth
º Impacted and unerupted teeth
º Individual tooth repositioning to correct drifting or collapse
º Jaw discrepancies

Dr Elaine Lim will work carefully with you to plan treatment. Orthodontic dental options, which maximise smile aesthetics and improve foundations for a protective and healthy bite, will be provided.

At Dr Elaine Lim Orthodontist Clinics our focus is on individual care and attention of each patient. Dr Elaine Lim Orthodontist Clinic maintains a 'boutique' atmosphere, catering for the discerning who want the highest quality specialist orthodontic dental care.