Elaine Lim Orthodontist Clinic Services: Cleft lip & Facial Congenital Disorders

Dr Elaine Lim is a Specialist Orthodontist and is a Government Medicare Recognised Practitioner for the provision of Cleft Lip and Palate Scheme. Orthodontists are trained to treat the entire spectrum of facial, jaw and tooth developmental issues.

Examples of patients with facial syndromes and complex congenital dental needs include:
- Cleft Lip
- Cleft Palate
- Treacher-Collins Syndrome
- Hemifacial Microsomia
- Crouzon's Syndrome

A multi-doctor treatment approach is considered the best standard of care. Dr Elaine Lim can arrange and co-ordinate a planned long-term strategy of treatment. Orthodontic treatment may be required at the following stages:

- Infancy prior to soft-tissue surgical repair
- Baby tooth development phase
- Early adult tooth development phase
- Late teenage years after facial growth completed which can be in conjunction with jaw surgery
It is important that any jaw or tooth development concerns are screened for at the earliest possible age. Detailed planning is critical for the best care.