Acudontics® :

Dr Elaine Lim is the daughter of the Herbalist and Chinese Medicine Physician, Professor Yoland Lim.  Together Dr Elaine Lim and Professor Yoland Lim have developed a technique to maximise orthodontic treatment comfort and minimise treatment times. This unique technique developed is called Acudontics©, which is a non-medication, “no needle” method of analgesia utilising laser acupuncture.  Patients feel very comfortable in braces often remarking that they have had no problems as their crooked teeth straightened. 

Dr Elaine Lim practises in the philosophy of promoting balance between the jaws, face, teeth and bite.  This holistic approach to orthodontics means that this approach considers much more than just ‘straightening teeth’. Dr Elaine Lim is also interested in a multi-disciplinary approach to occlusal-bite, oro-facial musculature and temporomandibular joint disorders, including the support of allied-health and natural-therapy professionals.