Elaine Lim Orthodontist Clinic Services: Adult Cosmetic Smile and Jaw Assessment

Dr Elaine Lim believes in providing excellence in orthodontic care, by aligning the teeth and also ensuring the facial and lip balance is enhanced and respected.

It is important for tooth position and bite to complement the lip aesthetics and to enhance or compensate for jaw lines.

Adult orthodontics has been proven to take a similar amount of time in overall duration of treatment time compared to children. Furthermore, with modern efficient tooth movement techniques used by Dr Elaine Lim, adult patients often comment how fast and comfortable orthodontic treatment is compared to what they initially expected. Exact length of treatment is based on individual factors and will be discussed with you at your Initial Consultation appointment.

Typically two groups of Adult patients seek orthodontic care:
1. Those who seek to enhance the appearance of their smile.
2. Those who have experienced deteriorated tooth and bite problems and are looking for definitive improvement to consolidate their dental health.
As an orthodontist Dr Elaine Lim can provide adults with dental options, which not only maximise smile aesthetics, but at the same time can establish the foundations for a protective and healthy bite.

Adult Orthodontics can provide outstanding results. Your treatment option goals will be discussed with you and along with careful planning and can include: - Tooth repositioning to respect smile-lip-gum relationships.
- Enhancing weak-jaws or reducing prominence of excessively strong jaw-lines.
- Changing narrow smiles into broad beautiful smiles.
- Bites to improve support to lip fullness instead of 'retracted teeth' which can prematurely age the smile.
- Bite repositioning to enhance jaw balance.
- Relieve effects of jaw grinding
- Reducing overbites and heavy bites to improve bite protection and dental health.
- Compensation for missing teeth by closing gaps to avoid the need for 'false-teeth'.
- Reduced treatment times by utilising efficient tooth movement techniques.
- Least invasive and gentle orthodontic care.
- Aesthetic appliance options including 'Clear Braces' and 'Invisible Aligners'.

At Dr Elaine Lim Orthodontic Clinics, our focus is on individual care and attention of each patient. Our practice is maintains a 'boutique' atmosphere, catering for the discerning who want the highest quality specialist orthodontic dental care.