1. What is Orthodontics?
Orthodontics is the "creation of beautiful smiles and harmonious bites". This is achieved by aligning your own natural teeth and improving jaw relationships, using braces, plates, aligners, dental orthopaedic devices and/or orthognathic surgery.
2. What is the difference between an Orthodontist and Dentist?
Dr Elaine Lim is a Specialist Orthodontist with Australian National Dental Board Registration.

Orthodontists are Specialists. They are Dental Surgeons who have undergone further intensive post-graduate training for years to become additionally qualified. You may see the term 'Registered Specialist Orthodontist', which is used to clarify the distinction between an Orthodontist in contrast to a Dentist who may do some orthodontic treatment within their general dental clinic. General Dentists who offer 'orthodontics' are not Specialists and the National Dental Registration Board does not allow these practitioners to use the title 'Orthodontist'.

Orthodontists are 'experts' in their field, not only due to further University and Hospital training, but also because their entire clinical practice concentrates on diagnosis and treatment of orthodontic problems. We treat relatively straight forward tooth alignment cases, aesthetic cases, right through the spectrum of complex dentofacial syndromes. This is like seeking treatment from your local General Medical Practitioner (GP) compared to going to see a Cardiac Surgeon for your heart surgery.
3. Is there a difference between Orthodontists?
Yes. Within the Orthodontic fraternity there are various philosophies of treatment.

Dr Elaine Lim Orthodontist, encourages early intervention to avoid future complications and prefers a 'non-extraction' and 'non-invasive' approach to treatment. She also only uses gentle, progressive and modern techniques which respect facial form and can enhance lip position and jaw harmony. In addition, Dr Elaine Lim is highly experienced in Dentofacial Orthopaedic Techniques, which is the promotion, guidance and enhancement of natural jaw growth.
4. How is Dr Elaine Lim's Progressive Orthodontic Approach different?
Dr Elaine Lim's "Holistic Orthodontic Care" - assists positive natural dental development to prevent future complications. Her goal is to create harmonious bites and to straighten teeth, using a holistic caring approach to achieve excellence in specialist orthodontics.

It is recommended by the American Association of Orthodontists that all children by 7 years old are screened for dental developmental disturbances. When seen at this age many dental orthodontic problems can be detected and by implementing preventive measures can mean avoiding future complications. Utilising growth and nature, a child's dental development can be guided in a gentle manner towards a better orthodontic outcome and long-term dental health. Adults can also benefit from this holistic approach to orthodontic care, where protective bites can be created in addition to excellence in aesthetic tooth and facial results.
5. What is the ideal time to begin treatment?
There is no age limit for treatment. However, certain tooth and jaw problems are ideally treated at certain ages. Screening a child with growth remaining may allow for implementation of "preventive and interceptive treatment", which can greatly reduce future complexities.

This recommendation differs from 'traditional teenager orthodontics', because as modern technology and understanding of the human body has improved, healthcare is taking a more pro-active, positive and holistic approach to preventing problems rather than allow abnormal dental development to completely express itself which can compromise an individual's health in the long-term.

Initiating orthodontic care means you will be able to enjoy your new smile sooner - after all a smile is a gift for a lifetime.
6. Does Dr Elaine Lim treat Adults?
Yes. Dr Elaine Lim is a specialist in both Children and Adult Orthodontic care.
7. Is there an alternative to traditional orthodontics with metal braces and extractions?
Yes, Dr Elaine Lim approaches orthodontic care using holistic and modern techniques. Alternatives to traditional bulky metal braces will be provided.

Dr Elaine Lim Orthodontist, encourages early intervention to avoid future complications and prefers a 'non-extraction' and 'non-invasive' approach to treatment. She also only uses gentle, progressive and modern techniques which respect facial form and can enhance lip position and jaw harmony.
8. Do I need a referral from a general dentist or medical doctor?
No. You do not need a referral to see an Orthodontist.

You can book direct without a referral.
You can request your general dentist refer you to Dr Elaine Lim.

Your general dentist may refer you for orthodontic treatment or you may decide on your own that there is a personal need for improving your overall smile and how your teeth bite together. Sometimes orthodontics is recommended as treatment in conjunction to facilitate other dental work, such as creating space for a tooth cap (crown). Bookings can be made directly by calling our friendly team on (03) 9576 9000.
9. Is there a difference between orthodontic clinics in their hygiene management?
Dr Elaine Lim Orthodontist Clinics follow the strictest guidelines for sterilization of all instruments and materials. We would NEVER ever consider re-using braces between patients like some other clinics do.
10. I would like an opinion from Dr Elaine Lim, what do I do now?
Please call our friendly team on (03) 9576900 to book in for an "Initial Consultation". This is your first step to making an informed decision regarding your orthodontic treatment options. This appointment involves detailed clinical examination of your face, jaws, teeth and bite.

Following initial consultation Records will be taken. To properly plan treatment, an analysis of Full Records will be necessary. These Records are an integral part of the preparation for orthodontic treatment. Records include dental imaging, impressions and construction of plaster models of the teeth where required and special photographs of the face and teeth. This is followed by analysis of the Records by Dr Elaine Lim Orthodontist. She will spend a significant amount of time considering the gathered information to carefully diagnose and plan treatment.

Following gathering of Records a Treatment Planning Session will be provided. This is an extended meeting where you will be presented with a summary of your diagnosis and treatment options. Here you will have further opportunity to discuss your plan and to have your questions answered in detail. You will also be provided at this time with paperwork outlining all the fees and payment plans for your treatment.
11. How do I care for my orthodontic appliances?
Care and maintenance is essential for a healthy mouth. Every Patient will be taught and supported in the care of their teeth and orthodontic appliances. There is no reason for orthodontic appliances to damage the teeth where correct oral hygiene and care is performed.
12. How long does orthodontic treatment take?
Orthodontic treatment duration depends on the individual's malocclusion. Treatment can take as little as a few months or can be 1-2+ years. At Dr Elaine Lim Orthodontist Clinics the most efficient techniques are used to minimise treatment duration time.
13. What appointments will I need for treatment?
Appointment 1: Initial consultation (comprehensive clinical examination of your face, jaws, smile, teeth and bite will be assessed).
Appointment 2: Records.
Appointment 3: Treatment Planning Session. This is where options of treatment will be presented and you are given the opportunity to discuss any details.
Appointment 4: Commencement of treatment. Fitting of braces or appliance.

Further appointments: Patients will then attend approximately every 6-12 weeks, where your orthodontic appliance will be adjusted and the treatment progress is monitored. Appointments will be arranged one at a time, tailoring the length of appointment to suit the needs of the treatment.

Retention: When your bite and smile is perfected, braces or alternative orthodontic appliance will be removed and the Retainers will be custom made. During the post-orthodontic treatment phase you will continue to be closely monitored.
14. Do I still need general dental check-ups?
It is important that during the course of your orthodontic treatment that you continue to attend your general dentist for regular check-ups.
15. How much does treatment cost?
Patients have a choice to contribute to treatment fee upfront or gradually over time. Payment Plans can be requested to assist in spreading the orthodontic fee over the course of treatment.

A detailed written quote will be provided following comprehensive analysis of your orthodontic needs (following Records) at the Treatment Planning Appointment. Since each individual presents with differing needs it is difficult to provide confirmed details prior to seeing the patient.

At Dr Elaine Lim Orthodontist each individual will be provided with a tailored plan and quote for their malocclusion. We are NOT like other clinics where every patient receives the same appliance and no matter how simple your treatment you still pay as much as a complex patient.
16. Can I receive Dental Benefit Health Insurance Rebates or Medicare?
You do not need Health Insurance to commence orthodontic treatment. At Dr Elaine Lim Orthodontist Clinics we have payment plans to assist in spreading the orthodontic fee over the course of treatment. Payment Plans will be provided with no additional administration fees.

If you have already taken out Private Health Insurance, then these Funds do offer rebates on orthodontic treatment. If you are planning on taking out Private Health Insurance you may like to speak to our Clinic prior to doing so. The Australian Dental Association Private Health Insurance Item Number for Comprehensive Orthodontics is 881.

Dr Elaine Lim is a Specialist Orthodontist and as such a greater amount is often rebated compared to when orthodontics provided by a general dentist. You should check with your Fund to obtain current level of rebates and premiums.

Medicare scheme for eligible patients. Dr Elaine Lim is an orthodontist recognised provider of the Medicare Cleft Lip Palate Scheme. A number of dental and medical conditions determine your eligibility for this funding for your orthodontics to be provided with us. Please discuss your eligibility with your General Dentist, GP Doctor or Medicare Australia.

Government Tax Rebates for health care are also available, including for orthodontics. Please discuss this with your Accountant whether it applies to your family.