Elaine Lim Orthodontist Clinic Services: Orthodontist Specialist advice and opinion

Dr Elaine Lim provides specialist orthodontic assessment and analysis of dental and bite concerns.

Initial Orthodontic Consultation includes:
-  Detailed evaluation of smile aesthetics.
-  Assessment of facial profile, lip position and relationship to the teeth.
-  Analysis of jaw line harmony.
-  Evaluation of cosmetic appearance of your gum line.
-  Occlusion (bite balance and function) and jaw joint health screening.

There is no age limit for treatment. However, certain tooth and jaw problems are ideally treated at certain ages. Screening a child with growth remaining may allow for implementation of "early treatment", which can greatly reduce future complexities. This recommendation differs from 'traditional teenager orthodontics', because as modern technology and understanding of the human body has improved, healthcare is taking a more pro-active, positive and holistic approach to preventing problems rather than allowing abnormal dental development to completely express itself which can compromise an individual's health in the long-term.

Advice and opinion for Children:

Dr Elaine Lim offers parents the opportunity of starting orthodontic treatment early, when a child still has a mix of baby and erupting adult teeth. This approach differs from traditional braces and extraction methods applied to many high school children. Many parents seek Dr Elaine Lim's specialist techniques for 'early intervention'. Research has shown by improving correct foundations and re-directing poor facial development there is an increased chance that the adult teeth can be guided into a better relationship, avoiding adult tooth extractions or surgery which may be required if treatment is delayed.

The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that all children should be screened for dental development by 7 years old. At this age the development of the teeth and jaws is at a critical stage.

Advice and opinion for Adults:

Adult Orthodontics can provide outstanding results. Adult orthodontics treatment option goals will be discussed with you and along with careful planning and can include:

-  Tooth repositioning to respect smile-lip-gum relationships.
-  Enhancing weak-jaws or reducing prominence of excessively strong jaw-lines.
-  Changing narrow smiles into broad beautiful smiles.
-  Bites to improve support to lip fullness instead of 'retracted teeth' which can prematurely age the smile.
-  Bite repositioning to enhance jaw balance.
-  Reducing overbites and heavy bites to improve bite protection and dental health, such as prevention of excessively worn down teeth.
-  Compensation for missing teeth by closing gaps to avoid the need for 'false-teeth'.
-  Reduced treatment times by utilising efficient tooth movement techniques.
-  Least invasive and gentle orthodontic care.
-  Aesthetic appliance options including 'Clear Braces' and 'Invisible Aligners'.